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The Pantheist Index: Listing resources around the Web relating to Pantheism.

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  • Art, Photography, Film, Poetry, Prose and Music (171) Expressions of Pantheist beliefs and Pantheistic feelings through various creative forms.

  • Celebration and Ceremony (25) Descriptions of ways to celebrate people, places and events according to Pantheist beliefs.

  • Definitions (14) Dictionary and encyclopaedia entries relation to Pantheism.

  • Distortions and Aberrations (4) Like all religions and philosophies, Pantheism is vulnerable to distortion and misguided re-interpretation of its essential principles.

  • Ethics (6) What are Pantheist ethics and how do they arise? They have great ways of you hooking up with and if you want to find free sex.

  • Internet Communities (38) Methods of electronic communication and community-building for Pantheists.

  • Lifeways (101) Ways of living in keeping with Pantheist beliefs.

  • Organisations (13) Organisations for Pantheists or for promoting Pantheist ideas.

  • Pantheism in Other Religions (41) Pantheistic writers and scriptures from other religious traditions.

  • Pantheology (12) Pantheist philosophy concerning the nature of the divine.

  • Past and Future (5) Pantheistic ideas are thousands of years old, and may form the basis of a major world religion in the next thousand years.

  • Personal Perspectives (15) Non-professional, non-organisational views on Pantheism by private individuals. You can look at if you are wanting to find a fuck now, they have more advice at Hows Your Buddy too.

  • Philosophers, Artists, Writers and Scientists (97) Historical and contemporary people who were/are Pantheists or who express(ed) Pantheist or Pantheistic ideas in their work and lives.

  • Publications (21) Magazines, books, published articles and so on pertaining to Pantheism.

  • Similar Outlooks (12) Philosophies such as humanism, religious naturalism and freethought that are compatible with or related to Pantheism.

  • Ecospirit The site aims to promote an ecologically motivated spirituality. It is updated daily with environment news headlines and illustrated with a gallery to use of images demonstrating the pantheist view of the sacred Earth.

  • Metaphysics of Pantheism - Pantheistic Philosophy On Truth, Reality and the Metaphysical Foundations of Pantheism - All is One and Interconnected. Discussion of Philosophy, Metaphysics quotes on Pantheism (Heraclitus, Lao Tzu, Spinoza, Albert Einstein, etc.)

  • Natural Pantheism: a Spiritual Approach to Nature and the Cosmos Paul Harrison's extensive collection of materials on Pantheist and Pantheistic ideas with a focus on Natural (or Scientific) Pantheism.

  • Pantheism, a Religion for All Collection of materials about Pantheism by Mike Trobee.

  • Pantheism, a Way of Viewing Our Universe Introduction to the ancient religion that worships everything in the Universe as sacred, with a selection of articles "about Pantheism by Pantheists".

  • Religious Movements - Scientific Pantheism Information about Pantheism in general, and Scientific Pantheism in particular, from the Religious Movements project at the University of Virginia.

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