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Parenting and Education: Raising children in a Pantheist household and educating them to be aware of the natural world.

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  • Childrens' Books (2) Books that encourage respect for Nature and other Pantheistic perspectives in children.

  • Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm Environmental education center in western Ohio that promotes the protection of birds, other wildlife and the habitats on which they depend, offering both children and adults the opportunity to appreciate Nature through experience.

  • Children of the Earth United "A great place for kids who like science, ecology, nature, and outdoor activities."

  • Childrens' Book Reviews by Parent Council Over three thousand reviews of outstanding materials (primarily non-fiction) selected by parents who are teachers, librarians or other professionals, including large categories for both science and Nature.

  • Connecting People and Nature: a Lesson Guide Information on a manual focusing on the region around the Great Smokey Mountains Institute at Tremont, but easily adapted for use in other places and situations.

  • Education For Conservation A central access point for conservation educators where they can find information and practical resources and expertise to help run a conservation education initiative.

  • Joyful Hands Unschooling San Diego, California group (pro-vegetarian, anti-television) that "unschools" children by exposing them to a variety of topics, people and adventures that contribute to a fulfilling, high-quality education.

  • Nature Newts Nature lessons for toddlers, given that a child's first introduction to science and Nature will probably come from their back yard or a visit to the park.

  • SpiralScouts International New scouting program designed for youngsters of families following Nature-based religions, working together to heal our Mother Earth.

  • Youth for Environmental Sanity Informing, inspiring and empowering young people to join forces for social justice and environmental sanity.

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